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Something Blue hairpins

Today’s tutorial was created when I had to come up with a crafty freebie to include with the swag bags for the upcoming Off White Indie Wedding Show. The challenge wasn’t making something cool, it was the fact that I had to make 100 items! For someone who mostly makes one of something, that number seemed overwhelming. So I puttered around my studio brainstorming what in the world I could make one hundred of. Naturally, I turned to my button and fabric collections, as I have many of these supplies on hand. So then, what to do? Well, brides don’t want a huge bag of cardboard and paper postcards (well, at least I didnt when I went to bridal shows, seemed kind of boring). My light bulb came on in my head, “oooh, something to wear!” I can say that I could have used a tiny little something in my swag bag that I could put on rather than a sticky nametag that says, “bride”. Sorry but stickers don’t make me feel special. But a pretty hairpin does!

Something Blue hairpins

So, I came up with Something Blue hairpins! Simple, can be dressed up or down, and adds just a little something (blue) to make a bride or any gal feel special. They are quite simple to make, so if you are looking for something new for your ‘do or need to make someone a little gift, here’s a simple and fast project!


Buttons (I used mostly vintage)
1 3/4 inch hair pins
Clover yo-yo maker (30mm)
White fabric, can have pattern or plain
White thread
E-6000 glue
*Hedgehog optional for crafty support


To begin, separate the yo-yo maker.


Next, cut out a 3 inch square of fabric. (hedgehog not to scale)


Place the fabric pattern side down into the outer circle of the yo-yo maker. Center the fabric. Press the inner circle into the outer circle, taking care to line up the ‘holes’ of the maker- sometimes it helps me if I hold it up to a light. The circles should easily click into place.



Trim around the fabric leaving about a 1/2 inch border to sew on.


Thread your needle with twelve inches of thread. Double knot the end. Begin sewing by starting at the fabric border and going through the plastic (this is why its important to line up the holes- if the needle doesnt go through easy, adjust your plastic circles). Bring the next stitch back up to the border- there is a stitch guide to follow on the yo-yo maker.


Continue stitching all the way around the circle until you return back to the knot.


Push the inner circle out with the hole on the backside of the yo-yo maker. It should pop out easily.


Remove the inner circle from the fabric.


Pull the thread to gather the yo-yo. I find it easiest to insert my thumb in the middle while pulling the thread. While pulling, you can adjust the fabric until it looks even. Double knot your stitches on one of the inside folds when the yo-yo looks how you would like.



At this point, add your button. Sew through the shank or holes two to three times. Double knot your stitches on the back and in the middle of the yo-yo. Then add a small dot of glue on the flat plate of the hairpin. Place the glue on top of the stitches/knot you made on the back of the yo-yo. Lay flat to dry at least an hour before wearing.


See how easy that was? You could even try out bigger yo-yos, they come in different shapes too! Check out Clover’s website. Happy Crafting!

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How To: Color Swatch Board

I am debuting my new enamor Wedding Line this weekend and I wanted a way to easily show possible clients a list of colors available for my products. I’m one of those people who think its easier to point at something rather than describe what I want, “oooh, oooh, I like that one!”

Color Swatch board

So I came up with the idea of making a color swatch board. I got my inspiration from the 2011 Color Trends from A Wedding Sketchbook by Michelle Mospens. I liked the layout and simplicity.


If you want to make a color swatch board, here’s what you need!
– 11X14 piece of foam core board
– Paint Chips from the hardware store that match paints you already have
– Scrapbook glue runner
– Paper trimmer or scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil

paint chips

First gather your paint chips and arrange them in the order you want them to appear on the board. Depending on how many colors you want on your board, you have to do a little math and measuring to figure out how to fit them on. I had 35 different colors. I divided my board into 10X14, as the extra inch wasn’t needed. Trim each paint chip to be 2 inches square with a paper trimmer or scissors, giving 5 rows of 7 chips.

cut to 2 inches

Once you have all of the paint chips trimmed, arrange them on your board how you would like the colors to flow. You can go from darkest to lightest, or in color order. I went in color order, from darkest to lightest.

2 inch squares


Next, remove the paint chips from the board, making sure to keep them in the order you want them to appear. Apply glue or double sided tape to the back of each paint chip. Then apply to your board, starting from the upper left corner. Make sure and line up both edges of your chip with the edges of the board to make it straight. Continue your rows until all chips are applied.


There will be a 1 inch strip of foam core board left at the bottom that you can trim off if you want.
If you make one, I’d love to see your results. Happy Crafting!


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Holiday Time!

So many good things have been happening these past couple of weeks! Must be the rush of the holidays that are now upon us.

I have been working on so many new projects, its hard to pick a starting point. My studio (and my kitchen table!) have been busy with activity. I have been working on a new art print featuring my Foxie design, but have brought her back to a time of kitsch and baked goods. She looks quite retro in her teal apron! I haven’t finished the entire drawing yet, but here’s a sneak preview:

new Foxie print teaser- in progress

I’m working on creating more of these squirrel frames for upcoming holiday shows. This one I made for Sarah (hiptopiecesqaures) as a thank you gift for being my maid of honor at my wedding. Luckily, i have three more frames to make.

Squirrel Frame

Upcoming craft shows means I have to go out hunting at antique and thrift stores for some supplies. Anyone who thrift shows knows what a thrill it is to find something you are looking for. The planters I use for my pincushions are my favorite things to look for, and I especially get excited when I find deer and squirrels! My last trip to Ohio proved to be a good one for planters. Another fun part of this craft is picking out coordinating fabric for the planter to make the pincushion, and in turn the pins that go with them. My kitchen table quickly became an assembly line full of thread, fabric and stuffing!

pinushions in progess

I’m so pleased at how this little deer turned out! Isn’t she adorable?
Darling Deer pincushion

Lots of painting projects have been going on too. I’ve been making stock for shows and for Blue House in Ann Arbor:
Just Resting mini painting and stand, too cute!
Just Resting mini painting
New Design! Tweetie coin purse. So excited to do more with this design! What do you think?
Tweetie- new design!
Babushka makeup bag, perfect for those holiday travel essentials.
Babushka Makeup Bag

I also helped out my dear friend Sarah of hiptopiecesqaures make a new sign for her booth for Art in the Park in Ypsilanti, which happened last Saturday. We worked out of Sarah’s studio, and amid a lot of laughter, we did manage to actually get some work done! Sarah sewed the squares and I painted the words. We joked that we have been meaning to do a collaborative piece for awhile, and well, here’s the first of many I’m sure. I think it turned out great.
New HipToPieceSquares collaborative sign

At Art in the Park, I picked up some lovely new art pieces for my apartment.
The first is a darling deer photo print from Lori of baclori:
photography print by baclori
I also got this amazing print of Ann Arbor from Nicole of SloeGinFizz. My husband and I are super huge University of Michigan football fans, and I couldnt wait to put it in my living room. Once Paul got home from work, he saw it hanging above the sofa and quickly exclaimed, “That’s awesome!”
SloeGinFizz- Ann Arbor City print
SloeGinFizz print

Mark your calendars for DIYpsi holiday craft market- I have said this a couple times, but I’m serious people…this show has the MVP’s of the local craft scene as vendors and a not miss opportunity to get your holiday shopping done. Check out the amazing vendor lineup on their website– I haven’t been this excited to be part of a show in a long time!


Check out my Etsy shop, newly updated with items you’ve just read about!


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Still Time to Enter

Have you printed your Tiny Turtle yet? Don’t worry, there is still time to enter your creative photos in my contest.

You can email me your photos at, just make sure and put, “Tiny Turtle” in the subject line.

Or, if you have a Flickr account, you can upload your photos and tag them with tinyturtlephotocontest.

Deadline is March 5th. I will announce the winners here and by email on March 6th.

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Tiny Turtle Paper Toy and contest

Just in time for Valentines Day, I created a new paper toy you can print, assemble, and give to your friends! His name’s Tiny, and he’s a very loving turtle.

You can download the printable pattern here. You can print him any size you want with your printer’s program, but he will print on a standard piece of paper or cardstock.

Tiny is very easy to make. All you need is a printer, scissors, craft knife, and a glue stick. Cut around on the solid lines. Fold along the dotted lines. He forms into a simple box shape. There are tabs on each side which fold in and glue to the front of the body and side of the head. His legs will stick out away from the body and require the use of a craft knife to cut them. The bottom will be light green.

I’m holding a special contest for you! Print Tiny, fold him up, and take a creative photo of him and email it to me at The top three photos will win these prizes:

1st place: A limited edition print of my Love Tree artwork and a 15% off coupon to use in my Etsy shop

2nd place: A Hankie Lady greeting card and a 10% off coupon

3rd place: A set of Norm the Gnome gift tags

Deadline to email me photos is March 5th. Good luck!

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Hitter’s Edge Mural Project

Hey all! Wonder what I’ve been up to lately (perhaps the lack of posts)?

Well I’ve been traveling back and forth on my days off to Sturgis, Michigan, home of Hitter’s Edge Baseball Academy. My friend Kevin instructs at the facility and is co-owner with Mike. They hired me to do a one-of-a-kind mural to really make their facility stand out. Of course, I was happy to take on the task!


Their team colors are navy blue and white, which also happen to be the main colors inside the facility as well. The wall itself is pretty big, about 15ft tall. I took a photo of the wall and went home and made a digital mock-up of the art I would do. I really wanted to emphasize motion with the art because baseball is such an exciting sport both for the players and to watch.

It was a lot of work prepping the wall, putting on a coat of white paint (with a HUGE paint roller), and drawing on the players in sections while on a ladder. This past Thursday, I finally got the first coat of blue on the baseman- because we had record cold temperature this week, the paint was not drying as fast as I would have liked, so I didn’t get to finish him.


Hopefully next week I will get it done!

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Day of the Dead shrine

Lately I have been busy preparing for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair coming up in a couple weeks. I did manage to enter a Day of the Dead shrine competition at ART634 in Jackson. The display period ends in a couple of days, and then I will know if I won a free exhibition of more of my work!

A couple years ago a friend of mine had a garage sale and was going to throw away a perfectly good mini cabinet (gasp!) I loved making ATC’s and collage, so I knew IĀ could do something with it. I didnt end up getting any inpiration on what I could do with it until this competition arose.

I wish I would have had someone around to take some “action shots” of me working on it, but all I have are photos of the finished shrine. I called it, “Caja muerta viva” which means, “Living Dead Box”.


I tried my hand at creating polymer clay sugar skulls for the exterior, which I believe is the extent of my abilities! I got to finally use some supplies from ATC swaps I’ve collected over the years, and make good use of a jointed skull and 3-D coffin. The overall shrine consists of paper elements, handmade/handpainted papers, sequins, jewels, mirrors, plastic doves, paint, and ribbon.


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