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What am I thankful for? This year, its lots of things.

-Rediscovering my love of NPR
-Chocolate, peanut butter (not necessarily in that order)
-Being able to express myself
-Making new friends
-Surviving Renegade Chicago (and ALL of the things that went wrong there)
-My job
-Being able to photograph the world around me
-My family
-I’ve never done any drugs
-U of M (even though they didn’t have a very good season, meh)
-I helped change the lives of young people all over the country and abroad
-I’ve gone retail!
-People who actually read my blog (you!)
-Being healthy
-My car

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Gazelle’s House of Handmades

So, its official! Enamor items can now be bought in a store! I’m soooo excited!!!

I took an hour road trip to White Lake, Michigan today to take some things to Gazelle’s House of Handmades. The driveway was welcoming with colorful signs and decorations. I met with Tammy, the owner, soon after being greeted by her dog upon entering the shop.

I walked around the house-turned-craft shop and took many photos! There were some amazing things! Jewelry, artwork, pillows, COOKIES, baby items, CHOCOLATE, housewares, COFFEE, and holiday items are just a variety of what you can find at Gazelle’s. This is truly a unique place for gifts… and maybe stuff to buy for yourself too!


I found myself walking around many times, each time finding something I didn’t see the first time. So fun! Tammy said she has around 100 different artists selling at her shop right now, after only being open since this summer. I feel honored to be part of her shop too!

If you live in Michigan, this is a must see shop, well worth the travel to get there. Gazelle’s is closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s, but is open the rest of the week. The shop is located at 6680 Grass Lake Rd, in White Lake. Please visit the Gazelle’s website for more information.

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DUCF This Weekend!!!


Sarah will be my booth mate for the day. You’d better come say hello!

For up to date info, visit the DUCF site

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Day of the Dead shrine

Lately I have been busy preparing for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair coming up in a couple weeks. I did manage to enter a Day of the Dead shrine competition at ART634 in Jackson. The display period ends in a couple of days, and then I will know if I won a free exhibition of more of my work!

A couple years ago a friend of mine had a garage sale and was going to throw away a perfectly good mini cabinet (gasp!) I loved making ATC’s and collage, so I knew IĀ could do something with it. I didnt end up getting any inpiration on what I could do with it until this competition arose.

I wish I would have had someone around to take some “action shots” of me working on it, but all I have are photos of the finished shrine. I called it, “Caja muerta viva” which means, “Living Dead Box”.


I tried my hand at creating polymer clay sugar skulls for the exterior, which I believe is the extent of my abilities! I got to finally use some supplies from ATC swaps I’ve collected over the years, and make good use of a jointed skull and 3-D coffin. The overall shrine consists of paper elements, handmade/handpainted papers, sequins, jewels, mirrors, plastic doves, paint, and ribbon.


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