A Look at enamor Studio

Hello all!
I thought I would finally share with you my studio space. I currently live in an artist’s community in Jackson called The Armory Arts. The old Jackson Prison armory was converted into brand new loft apartments. The first floor houses the main gallery, along with some classrooms and small studio spaces. I elected to have my studio in my apartment.

Here is my work desk on the second floor of my apartment. All of my crafty supplies are in the big white Ikea (heart!) cabinet. My paint I keep organized by color.

On my shelf I keep inspirations like vintage animal figurines, framed art pieces and ATC’s, and other oddities. Here are my cute-as-ever creatures!

How many bottles of paint do I have? Currently, I have over 400!

My crafty friend, Sarah Minshall of Hip To Piece Squares, and I are considering applying together for Renegade Chicago!!! I’m so excited.

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