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New Paper Toy- Boxie Fawn

Hello all!

Here is another paper toy I created just for you! Boxie Fawn is just as easy to assemble as Hoots, except it requires one extra tool- a craft knife.

You can download the pattern here. It will print on a standard piece of copy paper.

Cut around on the solid lines. Fold along the dotted lines. He forms into a simple box shape. There are tabs on each side which fold in and glue to the front of the body and side of the head. His legs will stick out away from the body and require the use of
A craft knife to cut them. The bottom will be white.

Whoever can send me the most creative photo of your finished Fawn will win a 15% off coupon to my Etsy shop and a small surprise. You can email me pictures at enamor_etsy@yahoo.com
Deadline for entries is September 4th, 2007.



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