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Bye Bye Security

This is not a crafty related post, more of a life announcement. I have worked in the security industry for a little under 5 years now. During that time, I have completed 3 degrees, 1 being a bachelors in criminal justice, the others are associates in law enforcement and chemistry. My current job as a supervisor, has had its rewards, but I have also been taken advantage of and used for projects that no one else would complete and not shown any thanks for doing so…which gets old real quick. I said I would remain in security work until I finished my education. The job is not all bad, heck, I get to craft at work most days. But, there is a lot of bullshit that I have to deal with on a daily basis that has made me hate coming to work. No one should hate their job…you should love your job and what you do, at least to some extent.

So, I found a job that involves working with adjudicated (sentenced) juveniles at a residential campus and minimum security facility. I would be in charge of educational activities (some of which get to be art, yay!), group therapy, developing treatment programs and supervision during the day. This is a job I can actually use my degree for! That and it is a state position, which comes along with a bunch of perks, and they will pay for a masters degree.

I had an interview a week ago. I was offered the position yesterday and I accepted. I don’t think that it could have been better timing. I am so happy!

I will also get to continue my crafting business on the side, which is something I will never give up, no matter how busy I am. Art and crafting are my true passions, and I’m excited I get to use my creative skills at my new job.

Wish me luck!

On a crafty note, I am applying for a bunch of shows September through December. I will keep you posted. I am seriously considering a 2 day show (Tiny Sparrow) in Columbus, Ohio in November, The Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti in December, and a MICE Etsy show on December 8th.


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