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Needless to say, I was super stressed out and was not having a good morning pre-show. We ended up leaving 40 minutes later than I wanted to get on the road, but we made it there at 10 minutes to 9. Thus, leaving only an hour to set up. While we were unloading, I got a call from work, which left me in the parking lot arguing with my boss for 10 minutes, getting me to the point of crying I was so angry. I was ready to quit my job…

I had to wear my sunglasses inside to hide my blotchy face for a good 10 minutes while I rushed to get things set up. I finally managed to get stuff in place, completely backward to how I did it at home but it ended up working out great being on an endcap. It was pretty dark before they got the light balloons up and running, so I had to take a flash picture of my booth at 9:59.

I could not believe how crowded it was. I had a sale in the first 10 minutes, which was my gnome gift tags. After that its all a blur. I dont remember even sitting down until about 1pm when I finally had a chance to eat my pizza lunch!

I had a nice time chatting with my neighbors, Sarah of Girl Land, Kelly of Lune De Miel, and Heather from BirdsGather. They were all so nice throughout the day.
Here is a view of Sarah’s table:
And here is Heather and Kelly’s table:

I had a chance to finally walk around at about 3:30pm. It felt so good to move! I had some good chats with fellow vendors. I talked to Heather about how she makes her birch bark bracelets. Its a complex process, which I certainly wouldn’t have the patience for! I had to get one because it was so unique. I found some pretty cool emotional monster stickers at the Wholly Craft table, which I thought would look stunning on my guitar. I stopped and chatted a long time with Emily Kircher, about selling, and how she watched someone buy the necklace of mine that she had been starring at all day and wanted to get. I felt so bad! Hopefully I can make another one for her. I got some cute recycled bottle cap magnets from her. Next, I stopped and talked with Miranda (a fellow craftster member) of Roman a Clef crochet. We both were running on lack of sleep. I made my way around to stop and chat with Sarah of Hip to Piece Squares. She said she had a problem with her display at the last minute and was up til 1am trying to get something together. I found Lish and talked to her about Ann Arbor and how shitty the Art Fair has become. I introduced myself to Jason from Kill Taupe and congratulated him on being on Etsy’s front page. His paintings are amazing. I got a cute sunglasses case from Abbey Christine and I also picked up a cute little whale pin from Dang Argyle, and a headband from Debra Wilson.

Overall, I had a great day selling wise. I am used to selling at “country craft” type shows, where nothing I am selling is over 10 bucks…plus selling to Jackson people is a whole different ball game too: if you have anything over 10 bucks, you wont sell it. I didnt even know that alternative craft fairs existed until last year when I went to the first DUCF. I knew then and there that I needed to sell there next year. I was so used to only making 100 bucks or so, that I was completely shocked at the overall profit at the show. I can’t wait for another show!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. It was so nice meeting some of you online folks I have known for a while and meeting fans of my work. You guys rock!

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