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Crunch Time!

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It has been one loooooong week. I’m just finishing up a few last minute purses right now. I set up my entire display last night, and after 2 hours of placing things around, I managed to fit everything in a place. Every year at the Christmas show I do with my mom, it takes us 3 hours to set up, but her space is usually 12X12, and we have to bring our own tables and backdrops. I think I could almost fill up 2 booths…I am not even bringing my photography because I dont have a place for it! There will be pocket mirrors with some photography, and I will be bringing 3-5 prints, in case someone asks, but most likely it will not be displayed.

I had to prioritize projects last night as well. I decided on doing more purses rather than tee shirts. The tees take WAY longer, so I went for the purses. I have one tee shirt done, but I’m one of those people who badger myself if I dont get something finished.

A few of you have expressed interest in various projects I have posted, all I can say is get there early! Most of my things are one of a kind, so once its gone, most likely I cannot reproduce it (unless its a painting of course).

Here is our Etsy front page this morning, whoo!

Anyway, must get back to working. Hope you all can come out!
If you need directions or more info, clicky here


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