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DUCF Photos online

Hey all, check out the rockin’ photos from the show in the DUCF Flickr Pool

Here is a rare picture of me actually at my booth, courtesy of Kate Paris:

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New Paper Toy- Boxie Fawn

Hello all!

Here is another paper toy I created just for you! Boxie Fawn is just as easy to assemble as Hoots, except it requires one extra tool- a craft knife.

You can download the pattern here. It will print on a standard piece of copy paper.

Cut around on the solid lines. Fold along the dotted lines. He forms into a simple box shape. There are tabs on each side which fold in and glue to the front of the body and side of the head. His legs will stick out away from the body and require the use of
A craft knife to cut them. The bottom will be white.

Whoever can send me the most creative photo of your finished Fawn will win a 15% off coupon to my Etsy shop and a small surprise. You can email me pictures at
Deadline for entries is September 4th, 2007.


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Bye Bye Security

This is not a crafty related post, more of a life announcement. I have worked in the security industry for a little under 5 years now. During that time, I have completed 3 degrees, 1 being a bachelors in criminal justice, the others are associates in law enforcement and chemistry. My current job as a supervisor, has had its rewards, but I have also been taken advantage of and used for projects that no one else would complete and not shown any thanks for doing so…which gets old real quick. I said I would remain in security work until I finished my education. The job is not all bad, heck, I get to craft at work most days. But, there is a lot of bullshit that I have to deal with on a daily basis that has made me hate coming to work. No one should hate their job…you should love your job and what you do, at least to some extent.

So, I found a job that involves working with adjudicated (sentenced) juveniles at a residential campus and minimum security facility. I would be in charge of educational activities (some of which get to be art, yay!), group therapy, developing treatment programs and supervision during the day. This is a job I can actually use my degree for! That and it is a state position, which comes along with a bunch of perks, and they will pay for a masters degree.

I had an interview a week ago. I was offered the position yesterday and I accepted. I don’t think that it could have been better timing. I am so happy!

I will also get to continue my crafting business on the side, which is something I will never give up, no matter how busy I am. Art and crafting are my true passions, and I’m excited I get to use my creative skills at my new job.

Wish me luck!

On a crafty note, I am applying for a bunch of shows September through December. I will keep you posted. I am seriously considering a 2 day show (Tiny Sparrow) in Columbus, Ohio in November, The Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti in December, and a MICE Etsy show on December 8th.

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Needless to say, I was super stressed out and was not having a good morning pre-show. We ended up leaving 40 minutes later than I wanted to get on the road, but we made it there at 10 minutes to 9. Thus, leaving only an hour to set up. While we were unloading, I got a call from work, which left me in the parking lot arguing with my boss for 10 minutes, getting me to the point of crying I was so angry. I was ready to quit my job…

I had to wear my sunglasses inside to hide my blotchy face for a good 10 minutes while I rushed to get things set up. I finally managed to get stuff in place, completely backward to how I did it at home but it ended up working out great being on an endcap. It was pretty dark before they got the light balloons up and running, so I had to take a flash picture of my booth at 9:59.

I could not believe how crowded it was. I had a sale in the first 10 minutes, which was my gnome gift tags. After that its all a blur. I dont remember even sitting down until about 1pm when I finally had a chance to eat my pizza lunch!

I had a nice time chatting with my neighbors, Sarah of Girl Land, Kelly of Lune De Miel, and Heather from BirdsGather. They were all so nice throughout the day.
Here is a view of Sarah’s table:
And here is Heather and Kelly’s table:

I had a chance to finally walk around at about 3:30pm. It felt so good to move! I had some good chats with fellow vendors. I talked to Heather about how she makes her birch bark bracelets. Its a complex process, which I certainly wouldn’t have the patience for! I had to get one because it was so unique. I found some pretty cool emotional monster stickers at the Wholly Craft table, which I thought would look stunning on my guitar. I stopped and chatted a long time with Emily Kircher, about selling, and how she watched someone buy the necklace of mine that she had been starring at all day and wanted to get. I felt so bad! Hopefully I can make another one for her. I got some cute recycled bottle cap magnets from her. Next, I stopped and talked with Miranda (a fellow craftster member) of Roman a Clef crochet. We both were running on lack of sleep. I made my way around to stop and chat with Sarah of Hip to Piece Squares. She said she had a problem with her display at the last minute and was up til 1am trying to get something together. I found Lish and talked to her about Ann Arbor and how shitty the Art Fair has become. I introduced myself to Jason from Kill Taupe and congratulated him on being on Etsy’s front page. His paintings are amazing. I got a cute sunglasses case from Abbey Christine and I also picked up a cute little whale pin from Dang Argyle, and a headband from Debra Wilson.

Overall, I had a great day selling wise. I am used to selling at “country craft” type shows, where nothing I am selling is over 10 bucks…plus selling to Jackson people is a whole different ball game too: if you have anything over 10 bucks, you wont sell it. I didnt even know that alternative craft fairs existed until last year when I went to the first DUCF. I knew then and there that I needed to sell there next year. I was so used to only making 100 bucks or so, that I was completely shocked at the overall profit at the show. I can’t wait for another show!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. It was so nice meeting some of you online folks I have known for a while and meeting fans of my work. You guys rock!

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Crunch Time!

This would be nice:


It has been one loooooong week. I’m just finishing up a few last minute purses right now. I set up my entire display last night, and after 2 hours of placing things around, I managed to fit everything in a place. Every year at the Christmas show I do with my mom, it takes us 3 hours to set up, but her space is usually 12X12, and we have to bring our own tables and backdrops. I think I could almost fill up 2 booths…I am not even bringing my photography because I dont have a place for it! There will be pocket mirrors with some photography, and I will be bringing 3-5 prints, in case someone asks, but most likely it will not be displayed.

I had to prioritize projects last night as well. I decided on doing more purses rather than tee shirts. The tees take WAY longer, so I went for the purses. I have one tee shirt done, but I’m one of those people who badger myself if I dont get something finished.

A few of you have expressed interest in various projects I have posted, all I can say is get there early! Most of my things are one of a kind, so once its gone, most likely I cannot reproduce it (unless its a painting of course).

Here is our Etsy front page this morning, whoo!

Anyway, must get back to working. Hope you all can come out!
If you need directions or more info, clicky here

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