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Come visit me please

yes, YOU!

If you will be in Michigan on Saturday, August 4th, or even you Ohio and Indiana folks, I would love if you came and said, “hi” to me at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair! I found out last week that I was accepted and I am super excited.

Meanwhile I have been doing a lot of painting, mostly promotional items, but I am working on paintings as well. I just recently finished this piece, “Jill Wants A Friend, Not A Lover”. Its an 8X10 mixed media painting. It doesn’t look like my “usual work”, but I can see that my love for ATCs is creeping into my artwork!
The text reads, “Perhaps he loves me, maybe yes, maybe no and then she said all she wanted was a best friend for now”
I would love some feedback on this, as I hope to do more like it in the future.

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Handmade Detroit goodies!

I found a box on my front porch yesterday that was cram-packed with all sorts of goodies from Handmade Detroit, for winning their flyer contest.
There was a HD tee (notice the Mitten in the bark of the tree), a copy of Get Your Sparkle on, a handy little organizer, mitten pin, a calander featuring lots of crafty celebrities, a sticker and some buttons.

Thank you gals!!!

Handmade Detroit Website

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New Projects and More Hoots!

Hello everyone!

I have been working on many different promos for the June/July issue of The Sampler. Giant Ant pins for your picnic lunch, nature inspired trinket boxes, pink apple pendants ripe for summer, a cherry blossom bracelet, and some make your own Hoots kits.

I also just recently finished a new Modern Geisha painting. This time it is 8X8 and the sides are accented with black and white polkadot ribbon to match her kimono.

I am happy to announce that one of my photos was selected to be featured on a flyer !Handmade Detroit featured a contest in which you had to snap a creative photo with their famous “Mitten Pin” in it. I’m not sure which photo they picked (I submitted four), but Stephanie of Handmade Detroit wrote, “Your
entry was inspired and wonderful”. This one was my personal favorite:
For winning, besides having my photo plastered all over Detroit for the craft fair, I also will get a tee shirt and a box of other crafty goodies! Yay! I have applied for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this year, which is held at the Majestic Theater in D-Town. I’m anxiously waiting a few more weeks to find out if I was accepted.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who emailed me pictures of the Hoots that you made!
This is from Kris (rakka_deer)
From Li Li in Singapore
From Elise Mabel, Hoots and Kiedis the cat!
Each one of you will be getting something special from me in the mail as a special thanks for sending me your cute photos 🙂

Everyone keep sending me your Hoots photos! You can email them to

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