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Fun with Paper!

Hello everyone! Long time no post, eh?
Well, I’m back and happy to say I have had some time for paper crafts and thought I would share!

Recently, I found an article in CRAFT’s blog about paper toys. The article was on the Prince from the famous videogame, Katamari. You were able to follow a link and print off the pattern on a sheet of paper. I printed it out, and after 1.5 hours managed to have a pretty darn cool paper statue (sorry no pictures ). I gave it to my friend Dan since he loved the videogame.

Long story short, this inspired me to create my own paper toy! Lately I have had an obsession with all things owls, so it was my first choice in designing my toy. It took me about an hour to make him in Photoshop and only 10 minutes of work to cut him out and put together. I also thought, “Why not share it?”. So, because I love sharing my projects with others, you can download Hoots and make as many little owls as your heart desires!
The pattern can be found here or you can click on the link to the right for my flickr photos and download the large size file. It should print on an standard 8.5 X 11 piece of paper.

This is a smaller view of the pattern. You cut around on the dotted lines. I didn’t mark the fold lines, but its pretty easy to figure out. He forms into a simple box shape. There are 2 tabs on each side which fold in and glue to the front of the body and side of the head.

Here is Hoots, the finished product, happily sitting in a tree.

If you make a Hoots, I would love to see him! You can email me pictures at I will feature some photos here, so send them my way!


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