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Felt Cafe

This week my featured Etsy shop is Felt Cafe!

I ordered this Japanese felting book, which was also featured in CRAFT Magazine’s Blog a few weeks ago. I saw the listing for this book on Etsy and had to have it. I’m a sucker for cute penguins and I simply had to know how to make one!

Not only is the book filled with cute felted creatures to make, its also contains some patterns for wicked cool home accessories (like coasters with branches growing from them) and for purses and jewelry (felted rings? who knew!). The book contains procedures for needle felting as well as for wet felting. Some of the projects feature step-by-step photos, where others have diagrams. All of the text in the book is in Japanese…but we’re all crafty people and can figure it out (or at least try to figure it out. Trust me, the little chipmonks look worth it!).

The artist, Liz, sells her own handfelted creations along with other items that she finds in Japan, like the lovely felting books. I was amazed at how fast my book came in the mail from Japan. If those penguins aren’t enough to get you to try felting, I don’t know what is!

The Felt Cafe Home Page can be found here
She also has a blog and a myspace page


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Meet Mew-Mew

I’m starting to develop a line of creatures that I will be featuring on items in my Etsy Shop

This is my second furry creation, Mew-Mew. She’s a little tan and striped kitty with a cheerful disposition.

She is currently featured on a journal and pen set.

My first creation was Deirdra Doe, who was featured on a love picture frame for Valentines Day. I think that frame would look great year round though!

This is also a new address book, which features a little songbird named Sasha.

I’m working on an owl right now, who will soon be featured on a handbag. Look for that soon!
I would love to know what you think of my animals!

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Plain Chain into a 3-Strand Necklace

I wanted to make my friend a necklace for Valentines Day, but I was stuck at home due to a nasty winter storm, so I couldn’t go to the bead store to get supplies.
What is a girl to do?
Well, I knew my friend wore gold and her favorite color was purple. I happened to have a couple vials of purple beads in my stash I hadn’t used for anything. I also had a single gold chain sitting in a box from Christmas that a distant relative gave me that I would never wear. I’m not one for re-gifting things, so I thought I could revamp the chain and make it into a 3-strand necklace!
It was super easy, and I was pleased with the result, so I thought I would share how to make one.

Here are the supplies you will need:
– plain chain (any length you have hanging around)
– needle nose pliers
– focal bead (optional)
– 4 crimp beads
– 1 jump-ring (for the focal bead)
– seed beads, enough to make 2 strands
– fishing line or beading wire
Clasps aren’t needed as they are already attached to the chain! Bonus!

Step 1) Lay the chain out flat and measure a length of fishing line a little longer than the chain. Leave at least 3 inches extra to allow the strand to be attached to the chain at each end.
Step 2) Thread a crimp bead onto one end of the fishing line. Thread the end of the line through the jump-ring attached to the chain, loop around and poke it back through the crimp bead. Close the crimp bead. Leave a small tail of fishing line, as it should be weaved under the first few beads for more stability.

Step 3) Bead the entire strand, just make sure it’s a little longer than the original chain so they don’t lay directly on top of each other. Repeat the process in step 2 to end the strand and attach it to the other end of the chain. Make sure to weave the ends of the fishing line through a few beads after you have closed the crimp bead.

Step 4) Bead the second strand the same way as in step 3.

Step 5) At this point you can choose to add a pendant or not. To add a pendant, slip over the small clasp end and over all 3 strands. Center the pendant and presto! A pretty gift for any occasion.

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Ellenade Hats

I received my fabulous brown and pink reversible hat from Ellenade a few days ago. I love it!


If you are surviving a terribly cold winter like I am in Michigan, I suggest you get yourself an Ellenade hat! The day I received mine I put it on to go shopping as it was snowing and super windy out that day. It kept my head nice and toasty, not to mention lots of people complimented me on it!

Ellenade’s hats are all one of a kind. She uses recycled and vintage fabrics, vintage kimono and yukuta fabric and other Japanese cottons.


Its also very easy to request custom colors or patterns if you dont see something listed to suit your mood…which is how I got my lovely pink and brown one!
All of the hats are handmade in Sydney, Australia and ship really fast.

Stay warm!

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Craftster’s creator, Leah Kramer, just released the Craftopedia, on Craftster today. It can be found here

You can search for information on any craft project or general areas of crafting. It can be anything from Shrinky Dinks to polymer clay to needle felting. Another cool feature is that any Craftster member can contribute articles on the encyclopedia.

I highly recommend checking it out!

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Geisha Fan Valentine and Butterflies!

This is my entry for CRAFT Magazine’s Recycle Your Heart contest. Basically, you had to use at least one recycled element in the card. More info can be found here


Made from recycled coffee filters (which I dyed pink). The filters were then attached to pink cardstock for more stability.
The geisha is an original drawing, on watercolor paper. Accented with pink polka-dot scrapbook paper. Each fan blade is held together with wine striped ribbon.
The tassle of the fan is made with pink and white fibers. Attched are shrink plastic hearts and a reused japanese coin which I got out of my coin collection. Fibers are attached to the fan with a pink heart brad, which also allows the fan to open and close.

I wanted to do something different from the standard rectangle cards with frilly lace and glitter.

I also just listed this butterfly photo in my shop. It makes me think of spring, even with the freezing cold and blowing snow we’re having right now!

The results of the Upcycle contest on Etsy should be announced on Friday, February 2nd. Why does 24 hours seem so far away? Can’t wait to see the winners!

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