Upcycle Anxiety

I’m anxiously awaiting the results of the Upcycle contest with Etsy and Bazaar Bizarre. Supposidly, the winners wont be announced until February 1st.
contest info

This was my entry, the Flashlight Purse.
I made this before the contest, and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. I decided to list it for the contest, and so far it has generated over 850 views! The story behind the purse can be found at my etsy.

There was a lot of unique and cool entries for this contest. I thought some of them deserved some recognition. These are my top picks, in no particular order:

– Map Checkbook Cover, by WanderlustDesigns

-Lucky Green Lawn Bag, by Rosewebs

-Necklace and Earrings Set, by tomatedepingles

-Reeses Candy Wrapper Purse, by bagladymomma

-Slide Chadelier, by doingitherself

-Postage Stamp Bowl, by Pinwheel

-Faucet Necklace, by kristi222

-Upholstered Cardboard Chair, by Inklude

-Shop a Holic Umbrella, by erikochan

Best of luck to all who entered!


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2 responses to “Upcycle Anxiety

  1. I love your flashlight purse. The Upcycle contest entries are so refreshing and interesting to look at!

  2. Your flashlight purse rocks! Good luck with the contest.

    I would put a purse light on the inside. Like the ones here:


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